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Energy Management Program

Mission Statement

The Energy Management Program at TAMUCC is an integrated program that currently includes energy savings, water conservation, solid waste management, recycle programs and campus sustainability. The Energy Management Program objectives include providing heating, cooling, and electrical energy needs in a cost effective manner without compromising the academic and research mission of the University.  In addition the Energy Management Program will promote environmentally sustainable practices and ensure that TAMUCC fosters an awareness and stewardship of our existing natural resources and the environment.

Specific goals of the Energy Management Program include:

  • Documenting and reporting on energy consumption by building
  • Establishing campus-wide energy guidelines and procedures
  • Developing an interactive website to relay information on energy and environmental programs
  • Implementing new and emerging technologies
  • Promoting campus sustainability

Energy Consumption by Building:  Energy consumption at TAMUCC has three primary components:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Electrical energy for items such as lights, computers, and other office equipment
  • Natural gas used in some laboratories or specialized areas.

The energy consumed by each building on campus is metered on a monthly basis. The reports listed below indicate the Energy Cost Index (ECI) which is the yearly energy cost, in dollars, per square foot of building and the Energy Use Index (EUI) which is the yearly consumption of energy, in mBTUs, per square foot of building.